Monday, July 24, 2006

You're Not Touching That Carpet!

On my retirement, my colleagues, well aware of my disdain for Waterford Glass or - God forbid - a picture of the school done in oils by some local artist, presented me with a top-of-the-range MP3 player....

I bought my very first lp in the early 1960's and, full of purist notions that music should be listened to with reverence, preferably in a darkened room with eyes closed, I had always been a stickler for perfect sound quality. I have been known to spend hours making minuscule adjustments to speaker positions and, in one memorable fit of sonic insanity, I even contemplated getting rid of the carpet because it muffled the sound. My mother, God bless her, told me to get lost.

I have never owned a Walkman or a Discman: To be honest, I've always maintained a fairly supercilious view of those reduced to having their music squeak into their ears. Now, my colleagues' thoughtfulness has completely changed how I obtain and listen to my music, but that's something for another day.....


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