Tuesday, November 04, 2008


If I live to be a hundred, I know that I'll never have time enough to re-read all my favourite books, listen to my old LP's (something I've been promising to do for ages), undo the wrongs I've done, change permanently the things I hate about myself, learn to properly play the three Laois reels (something I'll never achieve as I simply haven't got 'the nyah'- that je ne sais quoi that distinguishes those with traditional music in their souls from secondhand players like myself), stop worrying about things I did or didn't do, learn to appreciate what others take for granted, realise that, through all the years I sneered at them, those corny pop songs spoke of fundamental truths. Time is the enemy. Every second hurts; the last one kills


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time is indeed cruel.

We either get busy living or get busy dying...


12:24 am  

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